Current Projects

  • Fertilizer Value of Alternative Manure Byproducts Generated in North Carolina
  • Impact of In-Season Manure Injection on Ammonia Loss and Corn Yields
  • Occurrence and Fate of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in North Carolina Agricultural Systems
  • Topdressing corn and soybean with poultry litter in-season


Past Projects

  • Impact of Stockpiling on Nitrogen Availability of Swine Mortality Compost for Wheat and Corn
  • Does Poultry Litter Contain Viable Weed Seed?
  • Effect of Nitrogen Source and Rate on Competition of Weed Species during Early Establishment of Crabgrass
  • Impact of Long-Term Manure Application on Corn Nitrogen Needs
  • Impact of Poultry Litter Application on Soybean Yield and Quality (manuscript in press)
  • Distribution and Fractionation of Zinc and Copper in Poultry Litters Across North Carolina (
  • Effect of Nitrogen Source and Rate on Carinata Yield and Quality
  • Poultry litter and nitrogen fertilizer effects on productivity and nutritive value of crabgrass (
  • Impact of Cover Crops on the Efficacy of Urease Inhibitors (